Hikes & Walks

Go for a Hike! There’s no better way to explore the escarpment.

From strolls around the parks, water-side walks or multi-day hikes, South Georgian bay has everything.

Discover the world famous Bruce Trail, the spectacular Beaver Valley or head down to Wasaga Beach and see the dunes.

Hoggs Falls
Hoggs Falls
Craigleith Manor
Hoggs Falls
Hoggs Falls
Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail

Canada’s Oldest Marked Footpath

Running along the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to Tobermory, the Bruce Trail spans more than 890 km, plus over 400 km of associated side trails. There are many main trail access points and side trails in South Georgian Bay, all featuring scenic spots for communing with nature.

Bayview Escarpment Nature Reserve

This trail will take you to the edge of the Escarpment with wonderful views across to Georgian Bay. The area is noted especially for its ferns; at least 20 species may be found.

Creemore Nature Preserve

Known locally as “the Mingay,” after the family who originally owned and donated the land, the Creemore Nature Preserve is an important part of the community. Rich in human history, this area was long inhabited by both Indigenous peoples and more recent settlers. NCC started working on the property in 1997, but the trails through the forest were already well-known to local nature-lovers. Hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, pets on leash and respectful wildlife watching on designated trails are permitted. There are several interpretive signs, benches and very well marked trails to follow.

Devil’s Glen Park

Hike one of the highest peaks along the Escarpment, to the lookout platform and admire the steep bedrock gorge and sweeping view of the entire valley.

Dunedin Ravine Nature Preserve

The 68.5 acre Dunedin Ravine Nature Reserve is located along the northern flank of the Noisy River Valley, 10 km west of Creemore, and provides habitat for Butternut trees, Shining-branch Hawthorn and Bobolink, all of which are Species at Risk.

Kolapore Uplands

This trail starts at Duncan Crevice Caves, where distinctive fern, moss, liverwort, and lichen vegeta-tion thrive, then leads through a 30-metre gorge to the summit of Metcalfe Rock.

Loree Forest

The highlight of this easy hike through a forest of mixed variety is the spectacular views of Georgian Bay and down the slopes of the Georgian Peaks Ski Club.

Lime Kiln Side Trail

Look for the Franks Lime Kiln Side Trail to see the kiln once used by early settlers to burn dolostone rock to create lime, and Freedom Rock, with inscriptions on it made by people of days gone by.

Pretty River Valley Park

This hiking area reaches one of the highest points on the Niagara Escarpment. Walk amongst lovely creeks, ponds, meltwater channels, moraine and talus slopes.

Blue Mountain Hiking
Blue Mountain Hiking

Blue Mountain

Choose your path and start on a journey on Blue Mountain’s hiking and multi-use trails. Trails range in difficulty, and every trail rewards visitors with the gorgeous vistas and natural wonders of the Niagara Escarpment.

Hoggs Falls

Hogg’s Falls

Grey County’s best-kept secret, Hogg’s Falls is a seven metre cascade of sheer and shimmering cur-tain of water over a rock face. The trail here then continues and into a natural open amphitheatre surrounded by high hills.

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Wasaga Beach Dunes

Clearview Ecopark Loop

The Clearview EcoPark Loop provides visitors with a safe, active trail system that connects from downtown Stayner with Clearview’s newest naturalized area. The Clearview EcoPark Loop utilizes a mix of sidewalks and built trail network and with numerous access points into the various subdivisions both along the trail and west of the park.

Wasaga Beach Provincial Park – Dunes Area

Witness the expansive parabolic dunes of Wasaga Beach Provincial Park from the Nordic and Trail Centre. The Centre provides access to over 50km of trails and the Monument Hill Lookout. Please note that trails are not maintained during the summer months and are use at your own risk. Visit the Nordic and Trail Centre for skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months.

Siegerman Side Trail

This trail affords great views across the Beaver Valley and a nearby ravine, past the remains of an old homestead and a boulder fence, and then follows the lip of a picturesque ravine.

Ganaraska Trail

This trail is a 5.1km loop located within Wasaga Beach. The route features many views of the breathtaking and unique ecological sand dune area and Nottawasaga River.

Wasaga Beach Heritage Walking Tour

This short 1km walking tour will take you back in time to learn about the history that shaped Wasaga Beach. Colourful interpretive panels can be found at a number of stops along your walk.

Schoonertown Loop

This 5.8km trail starts near Wasaga Beach’s Scoonertown Bridge. Enjoy a peaceful walk through the canopy of leaves. As you continue along the trail you will see hills that are the beginning of the foredunes.

Beaver River Trail

This 10.7 km trail connects the Thornbury Harbour to Clendenan Dam along the Beaver River, offers a number of scenic rest areas and vistas, and meanders through Town of the Blue Mountains parks.

Clearview Train Trail

Spanning 14 km from east of Stayner to Collingwood, this former rail line is now a hard-packed crushed gravel trail, ideal for walking, geocaching, running and cycling, with views of tranquil landscapes along the way.


Creemore Historical Walking Route

Clearview Township and Purple Hills Arts & Heritage Society, along with Creemore Springs have placed over 20 historical plaques in the village of Creemore as part of the self-guided Historical Walking Tour.

Collingwood Trails

Collingwood’s network of more than 70 kilometers of multi-use trails are mostly flat terrain and lead to every major point of interest in the Town including the beaches of Sunset Point, the Geor-gian Bay lookouts, the tranquil gardens of the Arboretum, the Station Museum and Collingwood Downtown. Click HERE for the map. Learn more about the Collingwood trails HERE.

Collingwood Good Food Stroll

The town’s wide range of restaurants, markets and three craft breweries are easily walk able, thanks to nearly 70 km of recreational trails that wind through and connect the Town’s various eat-ing areas.

Heritage Walk Downtown

More than 50 different buildings in and around downtown Collingwood capture many of the histor-ical highlights defined by the many intriguing characters who built and lived in them.

Wasaga Shore Lane Trail

Want to explore the entirety of Wasaga Beach’s unique sandy shoreline overlooking South Geor-gian Bay? Well say no more. The Shore Lane Trail stretches from Allenwood Beach just south of Tiny Township all the way to Fairgrounds Road towards Collingwood.

Duntroon Winter Trails

Duntroon conveniently located in Clearview Township is home to three great trail experiences, each with its own unique twist. Highlands Nordic is your one-stop for cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing or fat biking. Duntroon Cyder House perfectly matches traditional cider and snowshoeing for the whole family. Duntroon Highlands is a four-season destination with for winter hiking and snowshoeing. The Duntroon Highlands cafe is licensed for foot and beverages. Nearby, the Bruce Trail, along with access to Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Park and Nottawasaga Bluffs Conservation Area, With spectacular views of the Niagara Escarpment, the village of Duntroon is central for win-ter trails and quickly becoming South Georgian Bay’s trail capital!

Trout Hollow Trail

Located along both sides of the Bighead River from the Bakeshop Bridge in Meaford to Riverside Community Centre on the 7th Line where parking is available. The trail offers easy, moderate and difficult sections due to stream crossing and clay banks.
The Trout family who built a sawmill here in the 1860’s, employed the founder of the U.S. National Park Systems John Muir. Remains of the mill and whispers of his life in Meaford can be seen along the trail.

Tom Thomson Trail

A multi-use, 3 season trail between Meaford and Owen Sound. The initial trail development begun in 2008, including both on and off-road sections marked with signs and kilometre markers. The trailhead kiosk is located at Fred Raper Park in Meaford, with the trail ending in Owen Sound at the Kiosk located just North of Bayshore Community Centre. The trail is 43.4 km in length, varying in difficulty from easy to difficult. The trail is intended for biking, hiking and horseback riding. Parking is available at either end of the trail.

Colloingwood Harbour

Explore The Harbour

Take a hike on the historic side! This 7.5 km loop is an easily accessible, meandering walk around one of Ontario’s most historic harbours.

Georgian Trail

The Georgian Trail

This 34 km former Northern Railway route stretches from Collingwood to Meaford and has more than 30 access points. The flat crushed stone surface, ideal for walking and cycling, cuts through some scenic features, the Georgian Bay waterfront, apple orchards, parks and beaches.

Irish Mountain Lookout Winter
Irish Mountain Lookout Winter
Beaver Valley

Beaver Valley Lookout

A beautiful area on the south side of the Beaver Valley can be accessed off Grey Road 13 on the west side of the road.

Georgian Bay Lookout

Spectacular Lookouts

Big Head River Valley Lookout

This spectacular lookout, just west of Walter’s Falls on the 2nd Concession, has a view facing north over Georgian Bay and rolling hills.

Blue Mountain Lookout

This lookout gives a bird’s eye view of the Blue Mountain Village, the town of Collingwood and Georgian Bay. Follow Scenic Caves Road and veer right at the bend, following Grey Road 119.

Epping Lookout

Epping Lookout has a beautiful view on the western side of the Beaver Valley. A historical plaque tells the story of American conservationist John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, who lived and worked in Meaford area during the 1860s. Go south on County Road 7 from Meaford for 15.2 km.

Irish Mountain Lookout

Nothing beats the view from atop Irish Mountain. Follow Highway 26 west past Thornbury. Turn right and head north on County Road 112 west of Meaford.

Nottawasaga Lookout

This nature reserve provides examples of Niagara Escarpment cliffs, ravines and opens along the bluffs to incredible views of Clearview Township and the surrounding area. Nottawasaga Lookout Provincial Park is located south of Collingwood at 794685 Osprey-Clearview Townline (Road 31).

Scenic Caves Lookout (Trail Fee Applies)

Located in the Scenic Caves Nature Adventures property (admission required), the lookout at the top of offers commanding views of Blue Mountain, Collingwood and even Wasaga Beach onwards.

Wasaga Beach Lookout

Over 14 kilometers of natural beachfront overlook the entire South Georgian Bay coastal region with incredible sunset vistas of the Niagara Escarpment.

Monument Hill Lookout

Located on the Monument Hill Trail inside the forested Wasaga Beach Provincial park is a lookout that offers panoramic views of South Georgian Bay. Picturesque views of the escarpment reward you after your hike up the hill.

Oxbow Dunes Lookout

Branching off of the Ganaraska Trail in Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, majestic views of the iconic Oxbow dunes and the Nottawasaga River awaits. This unique feature provides habitat and nesting grounds for the threatened Bank Swallow. Visitors are asked to keep their distance from the dunes edge and be respectful of this sensitive ecosystem for both safety and ecological reasons. Remember to stay on the trail and keep all dogs on a leash when within the Provincial Park. Stay on the path and keep dogs on the lead.

Main Street Bridge Lookout

Located on Main Street near Wasaga Beach Area 1, known locally as the “Main End” is a bridge that crosses the Noattawasaga river. This lookout offers picturesque views of the historic Nancy Island.

Highlands Horizon Lookout (Trail Fee Applies)

Nestled high up on the Niagara Escarpment, Duntroon Highlands golf, cafe, trails and retreat offers some spectacular views of South Georgian Bay and the Nottawasaga Valley farm lands. Located at one of the highest points in Clearview, it offers big views and open spaces from the Horizon lookout, located just above its signature 9th hole tee. Its extensive trail network lets guests meander up to the lookout from the Clubhouse. They can also easily access the Bruce Trail, which crosses Duntroon Highlands close to the lookout via a new 3.5 km section that just opened in 2020.